Are Maury Povich And Jerry Springer Part Of A Conspiracy

29 Nov 2020

WELCOME TO SUGAR WATER TV Maury Povich and Jerry Springer are two white dudes that have put negative humans on full blast for decades I can not lie as soon as upon a time I was all in It used to be unique and ratchet as hell 20 some odd years later they are doing the identical ol thing Rapper activist Chuck D feels some type of way about it and says that these dudes may be on the take by the government This broke over the weekend and a lot of human beings were feeling him Do you assume the government should be subsidizing these TV exhibit for them to spread bad pics of Black people particularly Black women I am no longer positive if he was being literal or metaphorical but its like seeing people in line for Popeye s chicken every single day Chuck D for the record is one of the most revered rappers in the records of rap Much of this is primarily based on his capacity to see past the norm and suppose backyard of what is so blatantly in our face I think He may also be on to something however we do not see Maury or Jerry going anywhere In fact Jerry has a new show as a judge HUH

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