Did Hank Aaron died from the Covid-19 Vaccine

24 Jan 2021

Thank you for Tuning into Sugar Water TV M L B legend Hank Aaron dies two weeks after getting COVID-19 vaccine It was highly publicized when the slugger took the vaccine It was supposed to be used to inspire African-Americans to take the vaccine Two weeks after taking it he has died Major League Baseball hall-of-famer Hank Aaron died yseterday He was 86 According to S W R news Hall of Famer and one-time home run king Atlanta Braves legend Henry Louis Hank Aaron passed away yesterday morning at the age of 86 S W R has learned He leaves behind an indelible legacy on and off the baseball diamond There are no reports in mainstream media about how the slugger died but it s conspicuous that he was given the COVID-19 vaccine earlier this month It was highly publicized at the time because he did it on camera as a way to encourage African-Americans to take the vaccine Hank Aaron got his COVID vaccine shot on Tuesday and he did it in front of cameras in the hopes of inspiring other Black Americans to follow his lead The 86-year-old Hall of Famer masked up and went to the Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta along with his wife Billye to receive the first of two doses of the vaccine Aaron said It makes me feel wonderful Aaron told the Associated Press I don t have any qualms about it at all I feel quite proud of myself for doing something like this It s just a small thing that can help zillions of people in this country An alarming number of people have died within days or weeks after taking the vaccine The elderly who are most susceptible to the coronavirus seem to be most at risk from the vaccine as well Hank Aaron took the vaccine on January 5th

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