DJ Premier - REMY RAP feat Remy Ma Rapsody

12 Aug 2022

Official video for "Remy Rap" by DJ Premier feat. Remy Ma & Rapsody.
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Director / Editor - Maya Table @mayatable
Producer - Rodney Byerson @rod_byerson
Production Manager - Christina Krioutchkova @christina.cik
Production Coordinator - Aaron Argomido @frakata
1st AD - Shawn McLaughlin @glock136
Director of Photography - David Merino @davidmerinodp
1st AC - Kyle Isler @720chrome
2nd AC - Nile Garcia
Camera PA - Carlos Reyes @mainpagecarlos
Drone Op - Elliot Hyppolite @3rdeyeclutch
Gaffer - Julius Tubbs "Flix" @big_flix
Production Assistant - Victor DeCastro @vic.decastro
Production Assistant - Papa Gueye @pgkicks
Production Assistant - Christian Eatman @gwakeatman
Production Assistant - Kalyn Byerson @kalynbyerson
Video Commissioner - Kareem Johnson

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