Ras Kass Contemp-Hop ft Eric Jaye Music Video

08 Sep 2022

Ras coined the term Contemp-Hop (short for Adult Contemporary Hip Hop)
as a more accurate definition for the genre of Rap many enjoy but find hard to categorize. 1990's boom-bap influenced music being made Today, with a focus on lyrical content;
The music we love from WuTang, Biggie and 2pac, to Eminem, Nas, Common, J Cole, Kendrick Lamar as well as newer artists like JID, Cordae, Coast Contra and countless others

Ras Kass encourages cats not to conform to mainstream current singy/mumble rap standards and stays in his lane over a classic ATCQ skit inspired banger produced by Louisiana's own EF Cuttin
(cover art Cee One)

After 35 you refine as the time pass
gangster but mature pour my 40oz. in a wine glass

on my grown man I stack bans to buy land
you stack bands to buy a dance
low vibrations beloved
Better be the owner of the DJ if you still every night clubbin
some things get played out
like trying to learn the latest dance craze while you tweezing your greys out

Amazed how the culture age like fine wine
Remember Y2K? It was the 1-9-9-9

Common Kwe, X & Hi Tek
cuz back then you had have show skills to get respect

They say you mellow w age that’s Hyperbole
I Melle Mel get on the stage & kill verbally

Notably the O to the G’s we used to look up to
Now my kids the same age that I was when I looked up to you

Discovering A Tribe Called Quest and KRS
Ras spit bars to filet ya'll flesh
Lil dudes don’t pay dues cuz we paid y’all debt & gave y’all breath

Rap is 50 years old we more
sub-genres than Jazz; more Eras than Rock

Worldwide Hip Hop

and you don’t stop
Adult Contemporary Hip Hop

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