The Case Against The Evils Of Jay Z and P Diddy Pt 2 Pimp C Exposed Them

23 Mar 2023

The Evils of Jay-Z and P. Diddy are getting exposed by many industry insiders. Jay-Z, Puffy and Russell Simmons were getting exposed by Pimp C and then he ended up dead. People that were with UGK and Pimp C at the time believe foul play was involved. Pimp C did not die in his sleep rather he was killed and put in a prayer position. It seems like whistleblowers don't live to blow the whistle too long. Pimp didn't have a problem with rappers being gay, but he did have a problem with them trying to hide it.

Check out Bugaloo Jones as he tells you why he is mad at the Evils Of Jay-Z and P. Diddy. Subscribe so you can see part two.

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