29 Apr 2022

Hip Hop Artist TWAIN GOTTI was born and raised in downtown Newport News, VA in Marshall Court Projects. GOTTI renamed the town "BAD NEWZ" and the project "MOR3SH3LLZ", becoming the leading up and coming hip hop voice there representing VA. download

Growing up GOTTI always loved the sound of music. He grew up listening to Hot Boys and credits Lil Wayne as his biggest influence. After getting locked up as a juvenile for a couple months, he started writing songs. Once he came home recorded them and the feeling and response from people was so positive, he's been recordig and pursuing music ever since.

GOTTI released his 1st mix tape in 2007 "GOTTI'S TURF" and has released 6 mix tapes to date making him one of the hottest rappers in the streets of VA.

Radio stations 103 Jamz FM (VA) and Power 105 FM (NYC) are early supporters of Gotti's debut single "Woodstock" off his latest mixtape "Bear Trap Movie".

GOTTI has also been featured on the front page of Digiwaxx, steady proving he he has what it takes.

Having performed on stages in VA, ATL, NC, MD, CT and NYC, GOTTI stays true to what he knows "Hustlin". He says, "I only know how to get money, so why not do something positive with my truth. My goal is to turn my negatives into positives".

TWAIN GOTTI is taking no prisoners with this music. His grind at 21 is more than impressive. He has a strong internet presence and a REAL street buzz. GOTTI is the real deal.
Download The Official WoodStock Single here

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