Wix Patton Outstanding 3 00 AM Official Music Video

08 Sep 2022

Wix Patton "Outstanding (3:00 AM) produced by Big Korey
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Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track..../4y4dV1yYzESf10MfYxh

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/alb....um/outstanding-singl

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Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/wixpatton
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Wix Patton “Outstanding (3:00 AM)" Lyrics

(Verse 1)

Oh that’s your best friend
Well this my home boy
Hey this a nice thing
And now we vibing
I got A Lot of moves we can make
We could make somn shake what you wanna do bae
I’m just Tryna get you home for the night
Let’s get gone outta sight
Baby girl Lemme tell you something crazy
Say you wanna be grown that’s all right
We can go if you like
Take you home then I make you go crazy
You know how much you been missing
Now baby listen
Cost you nothing to pay attention
With me you winning
Aint no need for the fake pretending
You need to end it
Tell ‘Em that he can hit the road
And jump off the deep end
You was texting about being freaky but I’m tryna see it
In the Uber kissing my neck I know she out here leaching
And her ex blowing her phone because he saw us leaving
Hit the dnd on his ass and we get back to eating yeah


Everybody pouring up Fantas
It’s 3am in Atlanta
Got a big bag on me like Santa
Hella hoes around me like magic
I’m so high on Saturn
Imma keep on climbing no ladders
If it ain’t about cash don’t matter
Spend it all but I make it back faster
Everything outstanding
It’s 3am in Atlanta
I’m so high on Saturn
I can’t feel my face I’m hammered


Everything outstanding
It’s 3am in Atlanta
Im so high on Saturn
I can’t feel my face I’m hammered x2


Ok now wait wait
I got two minutes before the show but I’ll be late late
I took too many shots of the brown and now I’m faded faded
Shawty go ahead buss it down Erica banks
And now she on me Tryna fuck around I told her yeah yeah
Yeah I’m tryna do that baby
You crazy
Know I love the way you move that baby
Hot damn ( Hot Damn )
oh My Gawd
I got her singing while I hit it from the side (hell ya)
That’s what I do
Leave out the room
Then I get higher than the moon
All on my own
And I don’t never make no plans
I just wake up and I move
And shawty taking off her pants
And I ain’t even tell her too


Everything outstanding
It’s 3am in Atlanta
Im so high on Saturn
I can’t feel my face I’m hammered (face I’m hammered) x2

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